I am a New York City-based multimedia journalist, member of the Explorer's Club, and a candidate for a Masters of Science in Sustainability Studies at Columbia University.  

My writing and docu-videos have appeared in The Atlantic, National Geographic, Fast Company, New York Observer, Rhapsody Magazine, VICE News, and more. I've traveled the world in search of stories over the past ten years - most recently to Peru to write a feature article for Hemispheres Magazine on the conservation of a high-altitude watershed and previously to Afghanistan to work with young entrepreneurs building economic stability amid war.  On a personal note, I journeyed through the past to discover my grandparent’s adventures in aviation for Rhapsody Magazines' Plane Spoken essay for the May 2018 issue entitled Air Romance. I am chipping away at my own private pilot's license to uphold the family tradition. 

I am passionate about leadership for a just and sustainable world. Thus far, I've focused on social enterprise as a key for prosperity in global communities. Read my interview about the importance of communicating hard truths. 

A few selected clips: 

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