Cayte Bosler is a New York City based environmental journalist, member of the Explorer's Club, and a candidate for a Masters of Science in Sustainability Management at Columbia University. 

She is passionate about creatures and conservation. She produces articles, short-films, and presentations to inspire marvel for the natural world and to invite people to learn how to care for it.

Her writing and videos have appeared in The Atlantic, National Geographic: Digital Diversity, Fast Company, New York Observer, Rhapsody Magazine, Hemispheres Magazine, Collectively, and VICE Impact.

Recent Expeditions and Fieldwork

Cuba: Lomas de Banao Ecological Reserve and the fresh wetlands of Tunas de Zaza Wildlife Refuge are home to species only found in the Caribbean. Project goal: to map biodiversity with Earthwatch and Wildlife Conservation Society.

Peru: Lake Sibinacocha, a principal head water of the Amazon River, is home to many endangered species fighting to survive in this high-altitude watershed. Read her feature on the race to conserve the region.

Afghanistan: Joining an incubator as an instructor, she worked with young entrepreneurs building economic stability amid war and learned from women doing business in the face of daily persecution.

On a personal note, she journeyed through the past to discover her grandparent’s adventures in aviation for Rhapsody Magazines' Plane Spoken essay for the May 2018 issue entitled Air Romance. She is chipping away at her own private pilot's license to uphold the family tradition. 

Nonhuman Life Should Be Central to Sustainability Problem-Solving: a recent oped for Columbia’s State of the Planet.

Read her interview with Tactile about the importance of communicating hard truths.


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Her reporting has investigated topics such as homelessness in New York City, social entrepreneurship in developing countries, energy development in the Southwest, indigenous communities in the SW and Mexico, and modern-day female explorers.