Picking Up the Pieces in Kabul

Call to prayer music rattles my guesthouse long before sunrise. Fight dogs spat warning growls from a nearby pen. Military helicopters whir overhead as they shepherd American and Afghan officials above the jutting mountains, a safer route than the often bombed city streets of Kabul. These are the first sounds of morning. Each day, I wake in a discreetly located home above a tucked away girl’s school. In order to glimpse a snapshot of daily life, I have foregone the guesthouses catered to foreigners with blast walls and armed guards. Even with robust fortification, many are closing due to attacks and kidnappings. The trick is to blend in, to stay invisible. Full story here

Entrepreneurs as Peacekeepers: The Unsung Players in Global Security

Steven Koltai, author of Peace Through Entrepreneurship: Investing in a Startup Culture for Security and Development, calls for the urgent elevation of entrepreneurship in the service of foreign policy. Under former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, he created the Global Entrepreneurship Program. For two years he acted as senior advisor and oversaw the launch of pilots across the Middle East. This week, he argued this premise to an audience hosted by New America: Joblessness is a root cause of the global unrest threatening international security. Fostering entrepreneurship is the remedy. Full story here.